Born in Mediterranean Spain, where children grow up unsupervised, Sergio Vizuete bought a set of drums and formed a band with childhood friends by the age of 16. Inspired by the work of Kusturica, Boyle, Medem and others, he later followed his heart to Madrid to study cinema, his true passion. In the Spanish capital, he remained unsupervised and DJ’ed in a Rock Bar where he strongly refused to play Oasis, Superfood, Franz Ferdinand or any other kind of Brit-Pop Caca.

After absorbing the cultural typhoon of “Barrio Malasaña” (Yes, still Madrid), he made it to California where he soon started directing music videos and television.

He made a name for himself by directing a feature documentary about WBC world champion Daniel Ponce de León and today he continues to guide his career with confidence relying on his experience directing Advertising, Fashion Films, Music Videos and Documentaries.

He now lives between Los Angeles and Miami and remains inspired by Rock and Roll.

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